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Announcing the latest enhancements in the CECity Platform!
Posted by Terri Kosanovic on 29 August 2014 09:24 AM

Announcing the latest enhancements in the CECity Platform! The features below were released June through July 2014.


Users will benefit from enhancements and updates made to improve the functionality that can be found in CME360®, and Lifetime™, and MedConcert®. 

To learn more, please review the release note information included below which describes many of these new features in more detail.


What's New in CME360®?


Bundling - Hide Child Select Link on Activity Details

A new setting has been added that will hide the ‘Select’ link for child activities within a bundle. When the setting is enabled, the bundle activity details page will display a list of child activities, but the user will not have the option to select them individually.


Email Communications Enhancements

A new email communication feature is now available for Stand Alone, Live Meeting, and Stand Alone Live Meeting activities. This feature will give organizations the ability to send information or reminders to users registered for an activity. The Email Notification parameters can be set based on the user’s status within an activity and sent immediately or scheduled for delivery at a later date.


Scorm Requirements

New functionality has been added to automatically create a corresponding requirement when a Scorm package is uploaded. When the user completes the Scorm package, the requirement will automatically be marked as complete.


Open Text Field for Variable Credits

A Variable Credit enhancement has been made to the CME360 Accreditation Scenario tab for activities with a Claim Credit workflow. Rules can be applied to define the minimum, maximum, and credit increments allowed for a scenario. Upon claiming credit, the end user will be prompted to enter the number of credits they wish to claim.


PQRS Question Template Control Email

A new validation has been added to email questions on the question template control. This validation will require the user to enter an address containing an @ symbol. Spaces before or after an email address will be trimmed before saving to the database.


Standard Reports Title Display

A tool tip has been added to standardized reports Step 1 selection screen. When the user hovers over the title of an activity, project, or session, the full name will be displayed.





What's New in Lifetime?


Activity List Component Sort by Launch Date

An enhancement has been made to the Launch Date option in the Activity Listing configuration. When selected, the most recent release date will be displayed first in the activity listing component.


Claim Credit API

New API calls have been created to pass Claim Credit completion status and the amount of credit claimed, including variable credits. The Claim Credit call will only pass the last completed instance.

Claim Credit Workflow

A step has been added to the activity workflow allowing users to complete an activity without claiming credit or to claim credit after the activity has been completed. Additionally, this functionality will allow the user to claim credit for more than one profession.


What's New in MedConcert®?


Reply Notification Setting

A new notification setting has been added in MedConcert® allowing the user to receive notifications when another user replies to their Newswire or Network wire posts.

Technical Support Technical support is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern Time excluding national holidays). You can obtain CME360®  Support through the following methods:

  • Online: Access the online CME360® Support Center. The CME360 Support Center can be accessed via the Help link located within the CME360® system.
  • Email: Send Email support requests to
  • Phone: A dedicated toll-free CME360® support line has been established for licensed CME360® users: Call 1-877-232-4899.


For more information on how your organization can partner with CECity on Lifetime™ or MedConcert®, please contact your CECity Account Representative (1-888-669-7444). Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

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