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Adding Keywords for Indexing
Posted by Z-Tim Francart on 18 September 2008 08:37 PM

Adding Keywords for Indexing:

Prior to the 2.9 release, keywords could be added for indexing at the activity level.  With the 2.9 release, custom indexing groups were introduced and with that came a change in the way keywords will need to be added into CME360. 

To add Keywords for indexing purposes you will need to go to "setup", then "indexing groups".  Within this section, there is a list of all indexing groups available.  Here you can create your own custom indexing group and/or edit and existing group, such as keywords, to add more words or information for indexing.  Once finished, be sure to save your work. 

After completing the indexing under setup, go into the activity you want to index, click on indexing in the project explorer, search for the keyword or keywords you wish to add. The search results will be displayed with green plus signs next to them. Click on the green plus signs next to the corresponding keyword(s) you wish to add/index on this activity.