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How do I use the Feedback Letter?
Posted by Z-Tim Francart on 09 December 2008 07:57 PM
Create a Failure Letter in the Award Templates Section under Setup

If you plan to email these failure letters out, create an email template under Setup

Click into the Activity and assessment that will have the failure letter

Edit the Assessment that will have a failure letter associated

When in Assessment Details screen, click on the tab labeled "Feedback Letter"

Provide a name for the Feedback Letter. If you will be emailing the failure letters, select the email template you created in Setup. If you are not emailing the failure letters, you do not need to select an email template. Only those fields with an * are required for manually processing the feedback letter.

Then select your template library (typically will be the organization name) where you created the failure letter.

Any Failure Letter templates will then be displayed, select the appropriate one and click on "Select Template"

The Template will then be displayed for editing

When complete, click "Save"

Once the template is saved to the assessment, the failure letter will be populated on the awards node for the current activity

You will need to click on the awards node and edit the failure letter you used for the assessment and complete the Scenarios tab to associate which scenarios will receive this letter

Once completed, click "Save"

After all of these steps have been completed, refresh the business rules by changing the status of the activity to either "under review" or "construction complete"