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How do I process a participant for multiple professions?
Posted by Z-Lori Crowell on 21 January 2008 04:30 PM

To process a participant for multiple professions, follow the steps below (the profession may vary):

  1. Login to CME360.
  2. Click Processing on the top menu.
  3. Click Process Activities by Activity.
  4. Locate the Activity in the list.
  5. Select Participant.
  6. Register a test participant ('+++') as one profession (e.g. Physician - MD; DO)
  7. Take the Post-Test and Evaluation as the participant (ensure both the post-test and evaluation are required and that the participant must pass both).
  8. The Scenario Summary should display that the physician passed.
  9. Click the Select Participant tab.
  10. Edit the participant you just completed for the activity (pencil icon)
  11. Change the profession to another profession (e.g., Pharmacist - RPh (Registered Pharmacist/Pharm D) and save.
  12. Select the participant you changed from one profession to another.
  13. Enter Assessments tab.
  14. Click on the Scenario Summary tab.

The participant must complete the activity before being registered (edit profession) for a second profession.