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I am receiving an error when importing.
Posted by Z-Lori Crowell on 21 January 2008 07:39 PM

Common errors and solutions when importing files are below.
(This information is taken from the document in the downloads section entitled Importing Participants and Activity Results)

ERROR: Row #: Field xxx contains an invalid value (***)

Explanation: This error indicates the data you are trying to import is not an acceptable value.

Resolution: View the field on the registration form or assessment to find valid values and change the spreadsheet to match. If the data is correct, check for extra spaces or misspellings.


Row where error occurred


Field where error occurred


Invalid data


Row 1: Field COUNTRY contains an invalid value (United States ).

Explanation: Trailing space after last letter in "States".

Resolution: Remove trailing space from United States in the import file and re-import.

Row 2: Field Hear about CME activity? Contains an invalid value ("other" ;  "poster").

Semi-colon and spaces between participant responses to multiple choice, multiple answer question in import file.
Example: "data" ; "data"

Resolution:  Remove spaces and change semi-colon to comma in spreadsheet:
Example: "data","data"



Row 12: Field PROFESSION contains an invalid value (US Licensed Physician).

           Explanation: Misspelling in import file.

               Resolution:  Correct misspelling and re-import file.

ERROR: Row #: This participant has not been registered for this activity

Explanation: This error occurs if the participant was not processed prior to importing the activity information.

Resolution:  Register the participant.

ERROR: Row #: This participant has already passed/failed this activity.

Explanation: This error occurs if the participant was previously processed successfully.

Resolution:  No further action is required.

ERROR: Row #: No data found / row is blank

Explanation: System is expecting data where there is none.

Resolution: Check to be sure rows have information for required fields. In addition, be certain that header information is in only one row.

ERROR: Row #: Field Completion Date must be a valid date

Explanation: The date format in the file is invalid.

Resolution:  Ensure the file you are importing has dates in the format of MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY

ERROR: Row #: Participant xxx does not qualify for any scenarios associated with this assessment

Explanation: The profession listed for the participant does not match any professions in any of the activity scenarios.

Resolution:  Add profession to one of the scenarios or change data to match existing profession.

ERROR: Row #: A System Error has occurred “ cannot continue

Resolution:  Contact CME360 Support for further instructions.