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What domains are required to have both a working and final version of a Satellite site?
Posted by Z-Lori Crowell on 24 January 2008 04:48 PM

In order to view a working version and a final version of your site, you must have at least one domain with a * domain (Final) and one with a * domain (Working).

The working version of the site ( should never be given out to your participants.  This version is used for testing your site and making changes without affecting your final version. Participants should ONLY be directed to the final version of the site.

Standard domains will immediately be available when added to the site.  Custom domains will need to be procured through a domain registry company and will take several days to acquire and setup.  For faster service, please email or submit a support request through the Client Support Center if you desire a custom domain for this site.

Ref: Working with Satellite Sites