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When setting up an Award in Setup > Award, why isn't 'Professional Designation' available in the snippet list?
Posted by Z-Lori Crowell on 07 March 2008 04:11 PM
The system question 'Professional Designation' (@PROFESSIONAL_DESIGNATION@) is currently only available in the snippet list when you add the award to an activity that has the 'Professional Designation' field on the activity registration form.

NOTE: You can manually add any token that appears when the award is on an activity but does not appear in the snippet list under Setup > Awards.  Another way to achieve this is to pull the template award from Setup > Awards onto your activity and place the additional tokens that are now available from the snippets list onto the award. You can then copy this award (click on the <> link at the bottom left to display the html) and paste it over the Award template html.