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Can I require users to enter a passcode in order to gain access to activities on a Satellite Site?
Posted by Z-Lori Crowell on 07 March 2008 05:26 PM
One or more access codes can be configured for an activity in a Satellite site. Users are required to enter the code you distribute to them in order to gain access to the activity.

To use an access code on an activity in a Satellite site, you must first create an Access Code Template (or Form) in Setup so that it can be pulled onto an activity via the Registration node as outlined below:

Step 1: Setup an Access Code Template / Form
  1. Login to CME360 with your username and password and click Setup at the upper right.
  2. Click Registration Form Templates under the heading of "Application Form Settings".
  3. Click Create New Template.
  4. Fill out the Details tab, entering information that will enable you to easily identify this as an Access Code form, being sure to select AccessCodeForm in the Form Type: drop-down list and then click Save & Continue.
  5. On the Q&A tab, the Access Code * field will appear.
  6. Click the Access Code tab.
Step 2: Add the Access Code to an Activity Registration Node.
  1. Locate the activity in Projects > Manage Activities and open the activity in the Project Explorer.
  2. Click the Registration node for the activity.
  3. Click the Access Code tab.
  4. Click the link labeled Change Access Code Form.
  5. Click to select the desired form from the list (click the glasses icon to preview the form).
  6. After the form has been selected, click the pencil icon to edit the form and check that the Details, Q&A, and Access Code tab are complete.
NOTE: Access Codes are optional.