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The purpose of the CME360 acti viti es checklist is to serve as a tool for users to ensure the required fi elds within CME360 are complete. There are a number of options that exist when creating an activity within CME360, the Adding Activites Checklist h...
The following Best Practices have been created as guidelines to use when setting up question and assessment templates in CME360.
Setting up rating scale and rating scale matrix questions to have the mean calculated properly
PDF of CME360 Cusstom Reporting
A list of all dashboard compomponents in CME360.
The results of activities are presented in a set of predefined reports that display various views of a particular activity. You use these reports to review the outcomes of various activities including an overall summary of the activity, task lists, facult...
This document will provide you with the steps to login and change your password
Quick Reference Guide with Steps for managing your faculty in CME360.
Whats New and Different when Managing Facutly in CME360 v.2.8
List of all the available reports in CME360
CME360 version 3.4 release